Shield, a security company focused on protecting users from online scams, has raised $2.1 million in pre-seed funding from Kraken Ventures, Eterna Capital, Alchemy, Moonpay, and a number of leading security investors.

Co-founded by Luis Carchi, Isaiah Udotong, and Emmanuel Udotong, Shield’s mission is to revolutionize internet security by developing products that encourage growth and innovation while maintaining the highest security standards.

Shield helps organizations adopt comprehensive security measures to prevent crypto exploits and increase user trust across the ecosystem.

Surveying the crypto security landscape, smart contracts have been the primary focus; however, 1 in 3 crypto attacks aren’t related to contracts and instead are triggered by compromised private keys or front-end spoofing.

Therefore, auditing and monitoring your smart contract alone is not enough. To fill the gap, Shield is developing automated protections against frequently neglected attack vectors.

Shield’s security stack can be integrated on any product via the API and protects 350,000+ users, while boasting notable clients like Fox Sports, Rarible, and

The integrations have gained traction and have become a fan favorite: “Shield is one of our most popular integrations on Guild,” mentions a software engineer at

With a focus on addressing emerging threats, the company is committed to delivering advanced security solutions for businesses across various industries worldwide.

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