Amazon Prime Video has announced the launch of the localised version of its streaming service in Nigeria. The tech giant is looking to increase its subscriber numbers in new markets like Africa and introduce a discounted Amazon Prime membership to customers.

Amazon Prime Video launched in Africa in 2016 as part of its global push in more than 200 countries around the world, bringing serious competition to Netflix’s global plan launched that same year.

However, the versions of the service available in the region have never had the local language interfaces, subtitles, and original content offerings common in more developed markets.

That is changing in Africa today, at least in Nigeria as the company plans to launch in other markets like South Africa.

To signal its localisation in Nigeria, it unveiled an official Twitter account named Prime Video Naija featuring a video with the caption Naija, how far? We have arrived! #PrimeVideoNaija.

According to Amazon Prime Video, a subscription will cost ₦2,300 per month after customers have had a seven-day trial.

Amazon said the first Nigerian show will be Gangs of Lagos, a local crime original action film that follows the lives of three friends as they navigate the streets of Isale Eko in the Nigerian commercial city of Lagos, expected to be ready for launch this year. .

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