Clubhouse, a social audio chat app, has introduced a new feature that is called in-room chat which allows users who are mic-shy to join live conversations via text.

The tech firm said in a statement: “Many of you want a way to join in on the conversation from the comfort of the audience. And we get it – cause even on the internet, stage fright exists. That’s why today we’re introducing in-room chat which will allow users—from the mods to the listeners in the audience—to communicate with each other via text during a live room.

“Don’t want to miss your moment to share a killer joke? Want to put in a song request? Want to react with the 🔥 emoji? You can now drop it in the in-room chat.”

The social audio chat app added: “For creators, in-room chat will offer another touchpoint with audiences in a room and provide a way to get feedback in real-time. “We hope that this will make conducting quick polls or sourcing questions from the audience that much easier, and bring engagement to the next level.”

As part of the in-room chat feature, users will be able to report chats that violate Clubhouse’s guidelines. If someone violates its guidelines in chat, users can report them directly from the chat. Users can long-press on their name and hit report and also long-press to block them.

If a user has sent a message and wants to delete it, they can delete their messages during the live room or after a room ends too. Creators will always have full control over in-room chat. They can decide if chats are enabled when you start a room via the room composer. Creators also can delete any message during the live rooms or after a room ends and turn off in-room chat at any time during the room.

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