OfferZen, a South Africa developer jobs marketplace, has secured $5.07 million in Series A funding from South African investment company Base Capital.

Founded in 2015 by Philip Joubert, Malan Joubert and Brett Jones, OfferZen is a jobs marketplace that allows software developers and engineers to sign up as candidates who are then curated by OfferZen and made available to companies. The developers are live on the marketplace for four weeks, during which OfferZen guarantees that they will get contacted by different companies. The developers are only allowed to work permanent roles. Some of its key clients include Luno, ABSA, MMI Holdings, Takealot, WeTransfer, Adyen and Catawiki.

The firm expanded to the Netherlands and Europe in April 2020 after acquiring an Amsterdam-based recruitment tech startup called TryCatch. The firm now has over 1,000 companies and 100,000 software developers. Most of its customers are from South Africa, the Netherlands, and parts of Europe like the U.K. and Germany.

Philip Joubert said: “We had built up a business in such a frugal way, and of course, without raising funding and bootstrapping, you’re really forced to design a really strong business.

“Now we are seeing all these opportunities that we think we could be tackled faster if we raise funding. So we decided, let’s raise some funding, now we can grow the team ahead of revenue, which we haven’t been able to do before. We can do that, take on the European market and expand faster.”

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