VoxCroft Analytics, a South African open-source intelligence and risk analytics scaleup, has closed a $2 million Series-A funding from Knife Capital, a South African venture capital.

Knife Capital’s investment will help the company to expedite strategic expansion plans and respond to the ever-growing market signals for the critical need for fast, reliable, and accurate information and analytics.

Founded in 2018, VoxCroft Analytics leverages cutting edge technology and machine learning in tandem with a global network of analysts, linguists, cultural experts, security professionals, and policy experts to discover unique data points and critical patterns and to deliver reliable information and analysis at unmatched speed and scale.

“VoxCroft Analytics is excited to work with Knife Capital on our dynamic growth plan,” says Barend Lutz, the CEO of VoxCroft South Africa.

“The collection and analytical components in open-source intelligence are increasingly sophisticated and critical to public and private sector success in anticipating risk faster than ever before. With Knife Capital investment, VoxCroft is poised to redefine how information can be discovered, analyzed, and delivered across the globe.”

Andrea Böhmert, managing partner at Knife Capital, outlined why Knife Capital found VoxCroft an intriguing investment.

“At Knife Capital we believe in investing in forward-focused companies that solve real problems and can generate great returns for our shareholders. VoxCroft fits the ideal investor model.

“We’ve been tracking VoxCroft for some time and have been impressed by the technology, the team, and the depth of insights the company is able to provide to a wide range of customers with diverse intelligence needs. What convinced us was their ability to prognosticate the recent insurgency activity in northern Mozambique and incredibly fast, accurate, and relevant response to the riots in South Africa.

“Our funding will help the company to make some immediate key strategic appointments and propel growth plans in anticipation of a larger funding round that will be raised in the next 6-12 months.”

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