Publiseer, the digital content distribution company, has added Voxa, a Romanian subscription mobile reading app for ebooks and audiobooks, as a distribution partner.

Through the new partnership with Voxa, Publiseer will provide them with titles from independent writers from the African continent.

The ebook market in Romania serves over two million readers, which is valued at over $63 million, with a 7% annual growth rate.

“We are all so excited at Publiseer to have Voxa in our distribution channel and bringing such a huge opportunity to our authors,” says Chidi Nwaogu, co-founder and CEO at Publiseer.

“Throughout the year, we’ve been working very hard to expand our distribution network. We’ve partnered with Libri, Dreame, iReader, and now, Voxa. Over the following years, there will be even more added to our channel.”

“For authors whose ebooks and audiobooks are already in our catalog, we will automatically distribute them to Voxa, so no further action is required from their end. However, those who don’t wish for their content to be distributed to Voxa, can simply reach out to us stating this, and they won’t be added to Voxa,” says Dapo Ogundipe, Publiseer’s head of Content Review and Distribution.

Publiseer is a digital content distribution company that lets independent African writers distribute and monetize their ebooks and audiobooks across hundreds of online retailers worldwide.

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