BasiGo, an electric vehicle startup, has announced that it has raised $1 million in pre-seed funding. The startup also disclosed that it has launched its operations in Nairobi, bringing clean energy options to Kenya’s public transport industry. 

BasiGo is backed by a number of investors including Climate Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and Third Derivative, an accelerator focused on climate-technology

The startup plans to sell locally assembled electric buses using parts from China’s EV maker BYD Automotive. BasiGo also disclosed that its buses will come in 25 and 36-seater capacities, with a range of about 250 kilometers, which it says is enough to cover daily round trips.

For now and to manage cost, BasiGo plans to introduce a financing model that will allow its customers to purchase its EV buses at the price of their diesel equivalents while offsetting the balance through usage-based subscription fees. BasiGo says that they will begin the pilot program after the arrival of the first bus later in the year. 

“For years, diesel-powered buses have been the only viable solution for bus operators in Kenya. We are excited to provide public transport operators with a new option: state-of-the-art electric buses that are more affordable, and reliable, and reduce bus operator exposure to the rising costs of diesel fuel,” said BasiGo CEO and co-founder Jit Bhattacharya.

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