ShipBlu, the platform that is redefining the ecommerce shipping and fulfillment experience in Egypt, has raised $2.4 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Nama Ventures, with participation from Y Combinator and other prominent angel investors from San Francisco, CA and Saudi Arabia.

The startup recently graduated from Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Batch.

ShipBlu is built to deliver a unique ecommerce shipping experience. Powered by its own artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, ShipBlu uses its fleets to deliver shipments on-time, everytime, guaranteed.

Founded in October 2020 by Ali Nasser, Abdelrahman Hosny and AhmedEl Kawass,

Building on its last mile technology, the startup also provides ecommerce fulfillment services, with planned fulfillment centers across all of Egypt. Integrating fulfillment services with its last mile operations provides for a unique and seamless experience for merchants and
customers alike.

“People are excited about shopping online in Egypt because it’s effortless and convenient. Unfortunately, a lot of times the delivery experience really puts people off. Some of it is due to a lack of infrastructure, some of it is due to poor resource management.

“At ShipBlu, we’ve solved both parts of that problem. We promise to deliver a shipping experience that customers will look forward to, so that merchants can stay focused on what matters, and customers can continue to enjoy online shopping.” says Ali Nasser.

“We are super proud to have ShipBlu be our first investment in Egypt”. says Mohammed Alzubi, Managing Partner of Nama Ventures.

“We have really enjoyed getting to know the founders and to see their passion to disrupt the ecommerce shipping experience. The team is unparalleled to address this opportunity.

“We are witnessing first hand what a well-rounded team with complementary skill sets can do in a very short time. Riding with Ali, Ahmed and Abdelrahman on the ShipBlu spaceship has already been exciting, but we can’t wait to see what the future holds together”.

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