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Zwarttech Launches New Website to Optimise Experience of Hiring Senior IT Experts Within 24 Hours

Zwarttech, a social impact startup that connects businesses with vetted Senior IT experts in Africa, has launched a new website to optimise the experience of hiring new Senior IT experts within 24 hours. 

The new website, which builds on the previous one, spells out in clear steps how businesses can hire senior IT experts within 24 hours, shares testimonials from happy clients from around the world and highlights the organisations partnering with Zwarttech to bridge the tech gap by removing obstacles, mitigating risk, and providing access to the global market. It also features videos to showcase Zwarttech services and FAQs. 

Significantly, the website improves on its interface, thus making it easy for visitors to navigate. Furthermore, the website aligns with its brand identity, mission, vision, and values, which are to connect senior IT experts from Africa with international jobs and promote diversity and inclusion. As a result, Zwarttech has in its database the top 1% of African tech experts.

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Zwarttech founder/CEO Nelson Tosin Ajulo PhD said: “Zwartech is always looking for innovative ways to make our services straightforward. This is what we want to achieve with this new website.

“Beyond its colourful and beautiful interface, we are guaranteeing clients that applications for senior IT experts received on the website will be given the highest priority, and they will get their experts within 24 hours or less. This makes us the fastest outStaffing and outsourcing platform.”

Ajulo adds: “With this approach, we believe we can create a just, equitable and inclusive world.”

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