Since becoming the poverty capital of the world, more young people are finding it difficult to afford the cost of their livelihoods. Nigeria’s labor market is saturated with qualified individuals who are all seeking white collar employment.

The labor market structure is simply unsustainable, there are up to 10,000 qualified people available for every entry level job position. Tertiary institutions continue to churn out thousands of graduates every year with little or no entrepreneurial skills, majority of whom will end up back in the cycle, seeking for jobs where there is none.

But therein lies the problem, it is not a lack of zeal or determination. It is simply an inability of young people to adapt to the new creator economy and solve evolving problems.

The kind of education people receive determines how they think and what they do. For example, training 10 Nigerian students in letter writing would have been high value education in 1945 just before Nigeria’s independence. 

Those writers would go on to become journalists and content creators for the new country. But in 2021, teaching letter writing is redundant as the whole world now communicates via email. You would practically be training them to be useless. Therefore, today’s unemployment scourge can be traced to the beginning of a child’s development. 

This is why OG Capital Finance is seeking to tackle this challenge by equipping children with business development skills. The company believes that the most effective way to tackle unemployment is to arrest it from its source; childhood. 

Through its Summer Giveback Program, the Abuja based micro finance company believes it will promote the culture of introducing children to high demand skills early on. The idea is that, with such skills, which are often non-academic, these children as they become adults, will not have to depend solely on white-collar jobs that may be non-existent in the future.

According to the company’s founder, OG Adoga: “Our Summer Giveback Program is dedicated to children who are out-of-school. OG Capital is interested in engaging these children with the purpose of building financial literacy and business acumen among them”

As we all know, past government administrations have done a sub-par job at providing adequate educative programs to boost children drive to achieve sustenance in future. The company believes that the adoption of similar private sector led initiatives at scale will promote Africapitalism and set the nations future back on track. 

The program is set to kick of on the 7th of August and run till September 4th. It is targeted to children between the ages of 8 and 15. It will comprise of practical skill tutoring such as tailoring, entrepreneurial acumen sessions and finance classes all facilitated by successful entrepreneurs in relevant fields. 

To volunteer, call 08105856041 or email

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