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Meet 11 Startups From Africa Joining Norrsken Impact Accelerator 2021

Norrsken Foundation has announced 11 African startups that will partake in the Norrsken Impact Accelerator 2021 from July in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 11 from Africa will be joined by 9 from other parts of the world to participate in a dedicated 8-week programme at Norrsken House Stockholm with mentorship from world-class founders.

The selected startups for the Norrsken Impact Accelerator will receive an upfront pre-seed investment of $100,000 for 5% equity.

Meet the 11 African startups are:

Africa AI Labs, Kenya

Enabling remote, data-labeling workforces with low-skilled workers in Africa by decentralizing online work outside cities, and equipping community organizations to train their local community. Jijenge sets up Cloud Labs with computers and wifi in underserved communities, trains low-skilled workers in advanced 3D data labeling, and using a virtual franchise product can train partners and facilitate data labeling processes online.

Asilimia, Kenya

A digital tool to facilitate informal traders’ transition to digital. Asilimia is a fintech startup that empowers African small businesses by giving them a very simple and intuitive digital tool to manage their business via their mobile phone. They can record all their business transactions, pay their suppliers while saving 90% of their monthly transaction fees, and access to financial services to be more resilient. Asilimia aims at building the first operating system for informal businesses in Africa.

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Complete Farmer, Ghana

Complete Farmer is a cutting-edge technological farming protocols and innovations with a unique business model and logistics that are revolutionizing farming and creating an end-to-end digital marketplace that enables global industries to source agriculture commodities, grown to their specifications, by users from all over the world using IoT, big data, and blockchain technology.

CribMD, Nigeria

A user-friendly app that connects patients to low-cost health insurance options and doctors. With only a phone and an internet connection, users can have access to a team of over 5,000 medical professionals spread across the globe. CribMD aims to improve access to high-quality, low-cost care in Nigeria, and reduce financial instability due to health debt.

Gradely, Nigeria  

Gradely offers students personalized and curriculum-aligned practice, video lessons and on-demand tutoring. Based on performance on diagnostic or homework assessments, students get learning recommendations daily. Parents and teachers are able to track improvement and mastery on a topic-by-topic basis.

Kadi Africa, Ghana

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Ghana’s Kadi Africa aggregates short-term and long-term haulage projects and provides an AI/ML-based cost/risk prediction algorithm, payment API integration, and access to working capital to help them lower operating costs, reduce payment default risks, and speed up financial transactions.

Kwara, Kenya, Germany

A digital banking platform for credit unions that turns any financial cooperative serving the unbanked into a digital bank, offering modern financial services at the last mile. The platform is cloud-based and is built specifically for credit unions, guaranteeing near-perfect availability and a superior user experience.

Nash, Kenya

Enabling the ability to make and receive payments as though there were no borders, no currencies, and no constraints within, into and from Africa. To remove borders Nash digitizes core financial services infrastructure, builds rails where these are non-existent and unifies all existing payment rails. To remove constraints Nash provides targeted financial products (credit, investments, insurance) to individuals & businesses and provides a single view of their financial health.

PesaChoice LLC, Rwanda

Rwanda’s PesaChoice is an all-in-one software solution that offers fast, affordable salary advances with low monthly fees using artificial intelligence to calculate credit scoring based on salary data. Users can request a cash advance and receive the funds within minutes.

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Wala Digital Health, Ghana

Wala is a digital platform enabling easy, quick blood supply & sharing critical for lifesaving transfusions. First, we tackle the blood supply problem using existing social networks to build a “tribe” of committed and repeated blood donors. Donors receive “digital tokens,” which can be exchanged for medical services. Our software is a digital platform that connects hospitals to meet demand shortfall. A digital marketplace to manage, request, and share blood.

Wellahealth, Nigeria

Nigeria’s Wellahealth provides affordable access to high-quality healthcare, leveraging innovative financing options such as micro-insurance options at very low monthly costs that can cover a majority of a person’s health needs. Wellahealth uses a technology infrastructure to connect payers to a quality-assured network of healthcare providers across Africa.

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