In 2020, a pandemic ground the global economy to a halt. In that torrid period, Topship was born to fill the gap in the logistics space, making use of technology to solve international shipping problems for Nigerian merchants.

For the average Nigerian merchant shipping internationally is a hassle. Exorbitant charges, logistical uncertainties, hidden charges, uncertainty around customs clearance, and various other obstacles can make such transactions uncertain. This is why Topship Co-founder & CEO, Moses Enenwali, believes the company is here to stay. 

“We are here to solve this problem and make use of technology to help African merchants move their goods across the world easily,” he says. 

In addition to being able to ship goods locally & internationally, users also have access to a wide range of additional services from Topship. Shop and Use Address, for instance, allows customers in Nigeria to shop from their favourite stores in the US and the UK, deliver to a provided address and eventually have it sent to them at their doorsteps in Nigeria. They can also send foodstuff from Nigeria to select countries in addition to being able to import parcels from across the globe to Nigeria in less than a week. An even wider range of Topship services can be found here.

Topship’s core business concern is customer-centric in that it wants to guarantee ease for all services rendered. Whether you’re a small-scale entrepreneur trying to export your products to a larger market, a student trying to send scripts and documents to Canada, or just a digital millennial looking to shop and have the latest gear delivered to you, there’s a Topship offering for you.

At the moment, customers can create an account and have their deliveries picked up from their homes or at multiple drop-off locations spread across Lagos and Ibadan for now. A newly designed web platform ensures customers can make orders, track their shipments, request quotes all from the comfort of their mobile phones. 

Topship is already operating in every state in Nigeria, with plans to open processing centers Nationwide. With Nigeria opening up to the world and increasing exports to other countries, the company is getting on the wave.

According to Enenwali, “local manufacturers in places like Lagos, Ibadan, and Aba would like to take advantage of this opportunity and we believe in the next couple of years, we would establish a presence across Africa.”

Topship ultimately aims to be the shipping platform for African merchants, given its rich network and model which allows it to handle both express and cargo deliveries. It is both cheaper and more effective, two attributes businesses want the most right now.

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