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Autochek Partners Automobile Dealers Union of Ghana (ADUG) on Affordable Car Loans

Autochek has today announced its strategic partnership with the Automobile Dealers Union of Ghana (ADUG). This collaboration is geared at delivering a digitized and enabling platform for vehicle dealers in Ghana.

Autochek through its technology solution would be working with ADUG to create a more sustainable and structured marketplace for car sales, affordable car loans to drive increased sales and auto maintenance in Ghana.

The Autochek Car Loan marketplace was recently launched and has seen significant traction with applications and approvals.

This collaboration offers members of ADUG the opportunity to drive more sales as customers take advantage of the affordable car loans via the Autochek online marketplace and this increases the visibility of their inventory to potential car buyers across Ghana.

Car buyers not only have access to select from a large pool of cars, but they also get access to multiple car loan offers from finance partners on the Autochek platform thus further driving ease of purchase and auto financing penetration in Ghana.

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This increase in automotive commerce has cascading benefits all through the value chain with one of the major benefits being increased job opportunities as we see more dealer empowerment and liquidity in the ecosystem.

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In addition to this, this partnership introduces a standardized inspection and rating system for cars thus enhancing customer and financing institutions trust in the auto lending process. Dealers can also continuously take advantage of the Autochek Dealer Management Software (DMS) and diverse training programs on lead management, digital marketing, car loan applications and other advanced technologies to run their business.

The President of ADUG, Eric Kwaku Boateng stated in his remark that, “this partnership is timely and beneficial because it gives our members the opportunity to expand their business by leveraging on the digital solutions and technology provided by Autochek.

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“We have come together to collectively enhance, promote, protect and foster partner prosperity for ADUG members and the creation of more jobs in the auto industry as a whole. In addition to this, we are also providing value-added services for customers as they can now access car loans through the Autochek platform to purchase cars, which in turn leads to increased sales for our members.”

The Automobile Dealers Union of Ghana (ADUG) is the registered body of all Auto Dealers in Ghana.

Solomon Adenuga, Head of Operations Autochek Africa stated that “We are incredibly delighted to partner with ADUG and we are truly grateful for the relentless and incredible work that they have done in the automotive sector.

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“Our mantra is Partner Prosperity and partnering with ADUG allows us to drive this mantra at scale across all registered dealers in Ghana. With this partnership, we are doing our part to reduce the fragmentation in the ecosystem as we bring finance partners and dealers together to provide consumers with car loans and drive automotive commerce.

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