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Spotify to Launch in Nigeria, 84 Other Countries

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Spotify, the global music streaming service has announced that it is expanding to 85 new countries across the world including Nigeria as part of our ongoing commitment to building a truly borderless audio ecosystem.

According to the streaming service, “it is embarking on a sweeping expansion that will introduce the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service available to more than a billion people in 80+ new markets around the world, and add 36 languages to our platform. These moves represent Spotify’s broadest market expansion to date.”

Spotify which boasts 155 million paid subscribers and 345 million monthly active users will work with local creators and partners to expand its music offerings and deliver a Spotify experience that meets the unique needs of each market.

Over time, the company says it will introduce the following offerings in each region:

  • Plans: Free and Premium plans will be available across all the markets. In select markets, Spotify will offer Individual, Family, Duo, and Student Plan options.*
  • User Experience: Listeners will be able to select and search from Spotify’s worldwide catalog when using the product, providing a personalized experience from day one. The home screen will surface personalized playlist programming for new listeners. The browse and search pages will feature worldwide content hubs, and adapt to the local market and the listener’s taste the more they use the service.
  • Music Catalog: At launch, Spotify will offer its full global catalog in these new markets. The company will continuously work with local rights holders and partners to expand its catalog to include more local offerings.
  • Podcasts: In the majority of these markets, Spotify will launch with its full podcast catalog.* For the others, it will work closely with local partners to introduce more podcasts from its catalog, as well as Spotify’s proprietary creator platform, Anchor.
  • Platforms: Upon launch, the Spotify experience will be available on Mobile and Desktop Web Player.* Similar to other features, the company will work with partners to introduce Spotify on more platforms, including TV, Speakers, Wearables, and Car in the coming months.

Before this announcement, you have to use a VPN to enjoy Spotify services in Nigeria. However, with Spotify soon to launch in the country, there won’t be any need for a proxy extension to enjoy the services of the music streaming giant,

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