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Top Apps For Trading in US Stocks in Nigeria

It is a New Year and if you a looking for ways to invest your money, then buying stocks-US stocks specifically is the way to go.

Imagine boasting to your friends you have shares in Apple, Amazon, Jumia, Tesla, and Microsoft among other big techs.

The question now is that how do you buy US stocks when you are thousands of miles away in Nigeria?

Thanks to technology, there are platforms where you can trade in stocks of blue-chip companies as long as they are listed in the US in Nigeria.

Here are some of the apps to trade in US stocks. You can start buying on all of these platforms as long as you have passed the verification process. Of course, they are secure.

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Remember you can download their apps on Playstore and perhaps Apple Store.


Rise offers a simple way for people living in Nigeria with dollar-denominated investments in the US and other markets to enable them to earn returns that make investing worth it. The mission of the startup is to be the product that brings the best investments from around the world to everyone in Africa and beyond in order to create wealth for the continent.


Bamboo gives unrestricted access to over 3,000 stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and U.S. stock exchanges, right from your mobile phone or computer.

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Trove is an Investment app that aims to make the process of finding and selecting investments — specifically Cryptocurrencies, Stocks & Bonds— easy and approachable for beginners. With Trove You can trade stocks from public companies from Nigeria and the U.S as well as various bonds. Trove makes the whole process around micro-investing seamless from start to finish. gives you access to foreign stocks, with the best execution and updated prices. You can create your trading floor anywhere you are in the world, and gain exposure to global trends.

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