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NIN Enrolment Halted As NIMC Staff Commences Strike

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The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has embarked on an indefinite strike prompting the suspension of the National Identity Number (NIN) enrolment.

The NIMC unit of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) directed its members to embark on the strike.

A communique released at the end of a congress and signed by Micheal Asekokhai, ASCSN NIMC unit, and Victor Odia, the union’s secretary, said the industrial action was over poor welfare package, lack of tools, and risk of exposure to coronavirus.

It reads: “The meeting was convened to discuss the state of the exposure of staff members to COVID-19, and the salary structure and its representation in the annual appropriation, and the irregularities in the conduct of promotions, and the personal protection and safety in light of the covid-19 pandemic.”

Some of the demands are a review of the “lopsided and irregular” promotion done in 2017 and 2020, implementation of the approved salary structure and its appropriation in the 2021 annual budget, and adequate provision of work tools for civic data enrollment.

ASCN NIMC also demanded the provision of adequate monthly operational stipends, work tools necessary for the process of enrolment of civic data: these tools are not limited to; power and connectivity (airtime and data connectivity), enrolment systems and peripherals, stationeries and consumables (NIN slips, enrolment forms, A4 paper).

“It was agreed that all enrolment activities should be suspended with immediate effect pending when the aforementioned demands are met,” the union said.

“Consequent upon the just concluded congress of the above-mentioned association that took place on January 6, 2020, the unit executive directs all members of grade level 12 and below in the head office and state offices to report to their respective duty posts tomorrow January 7, 2020, and do nothing.

“All members at the local government offices and special centres are advised to stay away from their various centres as a task force and implementation committees would be on parade to ensure total compliance with the directive.”

The NIMC strike is coming at a time when the Federal Government has ordered all Nigerians to link their SIM to NIN. As for those who do not have NIN, they are expected to visit NIMC offices nationwide to register.

Although the FG is yet to comment on the strike action many Nigerians hope that a resolution would be reached as soon as possible.

As for the deadline to link SIM to NIN, the FG might just need to extend it once again.

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