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PlayStation 5

Where to Buy PlayStation 5 Console in Nigeria

PlayStation 5 has been out for a few weeks now and quite a number of Nigerians are not very sure where you buy the new PlayStation console.

The Standard Edition (with disc) is more expensive than the digital edition (Which is without disc).

So where can you buy the latest PlayStation 5 Console in Nigeria aside from ordering from Amazon or eBay?

1. Jumia

On Jumia, the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition ranges between 600,000 and 75,0000. However, the PS5 digital edition is yet to be available on the eCommerce platform.

2. Konga

Konga also sells the PS5 and the price is within the same range as Jumia but cheaper. The price is between 600,000 and 700,000 for the Standard Edition. The Digital Edition is yet to be also available on Konga.

3. Bellestoreinc

The Bellestoreinc is apparently one of the few stores that have both the PS5 Standard Edition and the Digital Edition.

It is also apparently far-more affordable when compared with both Jumia and Konga. The only two things which appear to jack the price are the delivery fee and the VAT.

The Standard Edition cost ₦499,000 but when VAT (₦25,498) and delivery fee (₦10,955 Lagos mainland and ₦11,193 for Lagos Island), the total is ₦535,452.

Meanwhile, the digital edition is ₦465,000 but when VAT (₦23,798) and Delivery (₦10,955 for Lagos Mainland and ₦11,193 for Island), the total is ₦499,752. This is mainly for those in Lagos.

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