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Ecobank Group Empowers Women Businesses Through Ellevate, its New Women-Focused Programme

The Ecobank Group has launched ‘Ellevate’, a programme for women-owned and women-focused businesses across 33 markets.

This programme is designed to help women reach their full potential by empowering, growing, and supporting them with customized financial and value-added solutions.

Women constitute roughly half of the population in Africa. SMEs account for up to 90% of all businesses in Africa and women own about a third of all registered African SMEs

1 in 4 of the adult female population in Africa starts or manages a business, making the African continent one of the highest in terms of women entrepreneurs across the world.

The Women-led Economy represents a largely untapped market. Ecobank’s commitment to positively contributing to the economic development and financial integration of the continent will be further strengthened by our investment in women.

The Ecobank Group recognises the strategic importance of women on the continent and the need to continually support them to reach their full potential.

“In developing Ellevate, we made time to understand the needs of women, what they really require from their bankers, and came up with practical solutions that will help bridge the identified gaps. 

“Ellevate is an end-to-end comprehensive product suite that supports women-owned and women-focused businesses with differentiated business solutions that will unleash their potential.”, stated Josephine Anan-Ankomah, Ecobank Group Executive, Commercial Banking.


“Ellevate by Ecobank is designed for businesses owned by women, managed by women, businesses with a high percentage of female board members or employees and companies that manufacture products for women.

“These businesses will benefit from smarter cash management solutions, favourable lending rates and value-added services such as leadership training and networking opportunities.

“All these will ensure that their businesses can scale and remain sustainable. We intend to allocate 10 percent of our Commercial Banking loan portfolio to help bridge the financing gap.”, added Josephine Anan-Ankomah.

To formally launch Ellevate by Ecobank, Ecobank Group will hold a webinar on November 27th 2020 with an English session at 9:00 AM GMT and a French session at 3.00 PM GMT.

Register here for the English session or here for the French Session to get additional information.

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