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Savvy Fellowship Attracts Over 27,000 Applications From 108 Countries

Savvy Fellowship, a non-profit organisation founded by publiseer CEO, Chidi Nwaogu has announced that it received 27,309 applications for its flagship program.

According to the platform, they have already selected 2,329 Fellows from 108 countries around the world.

This comes barely 90 days after the Savvy Fellowship launched for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs around the world, passionate about solving some of the world’s most pressing problems through innovation and technology. 

In a tweet, one of the founders of the non-profit organization, Chidi Nwaogu, posted, “In less than 90 days from launch, we’ve selected 2,200+ Fellows from 100 countries around the world. Through the Savvy Fellowship Program, we hope to create a truly global impact. Some day, we’ll have Fellows from all 195 countries in the world. We’re already half-way through.”

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The Savvy Fellowship is designed for those who want to build their own impact-driven business without much knowledge and for those who own an early-stage business with the zeal of growing and scaling their impact into new markets, according to a statement.

The initiative entails 12 weeks of e-learning, assessment, and mentorship program, where individuals learn various things from ideation to venture-scaling that runs throughout the year.

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