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Top 5 Best OCR Tools to Extract Useful Information From an Image

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools are taking to height to help teachers, students, agencies, and different businesses. It helps you convert an image to text and extract the information you want. We present the top 5 OCR tools. 

It is common that people often lose their documents, files or pdf files. While there is a cloud storage available, it is still hard to keep everything in space. 

People have always been reliant on the hardcopies of files to make an agreement, sign something official, etc. They might be convenient but if you want to make changes into them, you have to type out the whole file again. 

It increases the manual labor and creates an uncomfortable working environment for everyone. Instead of typing everything, you can now just use the OCR tools. 

These tools use machine learning to recognize the patterns of words and convert them into editable text. So, you don’t have to type everything and can get it converted into text within seconds. 

It can be a paper that you scanned properly or a picture taken through your mobile phone as long as it is readable. There are OCR tools for online use and to download as well. 

Here are the top 5 OCR tools that you can use on daily basis.

You can be using windows based laptop or working on iOS, and you can still access this tool. It is SaaS based and acts as a picture to text converter. You can upload any picture, and without any difficulty, it will show you the results. 

You can use this tool to convert a whole bunch of images into text and extract the important information from all of them. It supports multiple languages so you don’t have to just focus on the English but you can convert several languages. 

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This tool has multiple engines making it reliable. When you are relying on a tool to convert your images into text, you need it to be reliable enough so you don’t have to double check. 

Trying to match every word with the document is again, manual labor and that’s what these tools are trying to eradicate. 

It will eventually kill the purpose and the need for a picture to text converter if you are going to check everything manually and spend so much time on it. 

You can start a free trial on this tool and if you like using it, you can get a full membership with them. 


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Multiple engines to increase accuracy
  • Batch conversion 
  • Text recognition and conversion

This tool gives you a variety of options to convert your files. Whether your text is in a PNG, JPEG or any other form, this tool can take care of it. Just upload your files on the platform or paste the link of it and let the tool take care. 

You can use your drop box or google cloud to upload the files directly as well. It does not have to come directly from your computer, and you can use this tool as you like. 

Ass soon as the image to text converter is done, you will receive a file containing all the text found in the document. You can then extract the information from it you actually need and discard the remaining one. 

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You can convert multiple images using this free tool in the same sitting. It is reliable so you will not have to recheck anything again. 


  • Free to use
  • Multiple conversions at a time
  • Upload from different sources
  • URL images to text conversion

This picture to text converter converts from several different sources. You can have your file saved in any format and instead of wasting time on changing the formats, you can simply upload them in the same format on the site.

You can upload the images from your computer, mobile, clouds, or anywhere else. As soon as you are done, you will have to select the option of convert, and it will start working on the file. 

After it is done with the conversion, you can extract the information you want from it. 


  • Free to use
  • Accurate output
  • Different language support
  • PDF conversion to image or to text support
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Convert the whole images into text or into a direct file. As soon as you upload your image from different sources, it starts converting the whole image and gives you a result in the kind of output you require. 

The different outputs eradicate the need to copy-paste everything and making changes to it. As soon as the OCR is done with converting your files into text, you can start utilizing them or send them to the concerning person. 

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It is a free online tool for everyone and can be accessed at any time. It helps you save money on the labor that you will be utilizing on writing the text manually. 


  • Free for use by everyone
  • 24/7 access for everyone
  • Accurate output
  • Fast and reliable
  • Output generated in text or in word file format

Using this tool helps you convert the image to text even when you are offline. You can download the software and start using it for as soon as the download is complete. 

It is a reliable source for everyone who wants to use the OCR software not just online but also work offline. 

When the picture to text converter is done with processing, you can edit the images as you want. The text will be converted accurately and free to download. 

You can use this tool with different image types and formats. It is easy to install and helps you working without any hustle online. You can upload the files from your computer or if you are connected to internet, you can upload from the drives. 


  • Free to use
  • Hustle free
  • Works offline
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