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Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot Denies Pushing for Bill to Regulate Social Media

Desmond Elliot, a Nollywood actor and lawmaker representing Surulere constituency in the Lagos State House of Assembly has denied viral reports that he is pushing for a bill to regulate and control social media in the state.

The social media reports were further intensified by the fact the Lagos State Government has been evasive about what happened at Lekki Toll Gate and the looting occasioned by the curfew declared by the LASG.

Reacting in a video posted on Instagram, Elliot said the power to regulate social media belongs to the federal government.

“Good evening, my name is Desmond Elliot. We just came out of a plenary seating at the House of Assembly and before we finished…Dr. Olufunmilayo now tweeted. The Lagos State House of Assembly is developing a bill to regulate and control speech on social media. Desmond Elliot is said to be one of those pushing this.

“So the plan is to deny the Lekki Massacre and then start arresting anyone who tweets about it?

Sighs…”Please, I beg us, I beg everyone..this is not true. It is totally unfounded. Dr, Olufunmilayo, why do not you even verify? Aren’t we going through a lot already? It is not true. No state house of Assembly…Not one has the jurisdiction to even deliberate or to pass anything. It is not possible.

“It simply lies on the exclusive list. It is from the federal level. You can’t. Every member has a right to say something. But yes you can’t. The only thing said I said towards social media was to the celebrities, social influencers, and motivational speakers. I said listen you have followers and I said please can we should cut down on the hate narrative. Everyone is going through so much right now.”

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