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Huawei ‘HarmonyOS’ to Debut on Smartphones in 2021

The pressure Donald Trump is putting on Huawei appears to be yielding some positive results as the tech giant is planning to launch its operating system ‘Harmony OS‘ on smartphones in 2021.

The tech giant disclosed this recently at its annual developer conference in Dongguan, China.

However, there is still a long way to go for HarmonyOS as the number of apps on its Huawei Mobile Services Core, the Google Play Store equivalent is still small compared to the millions on Apple Store and Google Play Stores. According to Huawei, the number of apps on the HMS Core currently stands at 96,000. That’s up from 81,000 in July and 60,000 in March.

In comparison, both Google Play and Apple App Store have accumulated apps numbered in the millions.

To lure more apps into its ecosystem, Huawei announced that a beta version of its second-generation operating system — HarmonyOS 2.0 — for mobile developers will launch by the end of this year.

Meanwhile, the beta version of HarmonyOS will go open-source for tablets, in-car systems, and smartwatches starting this week.

Huawei’s operating system has a current reach of 490 million users through the company’s family of hardware devices, and it’s looking to expand its base through the Internet of Things market.

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