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Eight startups have been selected as winners of the Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge.

The 8 finalists were chosen from 15 semifinalists who were earlier selected from more than 170 applicants. The organisers of the Lagos Urban Innovation, Utopia will be working with the urban entrepreneurs via the new virtual urban accelerator program.

1.) Upnepa

Upnepa is a power supply tracking platform for urban buildings. Upnepa provides private and community-based energy data and insight to enable energy investors, distributors, and consumers to make better research and best decisions.

2.) PricePally

Pricepally is a digital food cooperative for African cities. They enable people in cities to buy food in bulk or share bulk with others directly from farmers and wholesalers making it cheaper than buying at retail stores.


POKET is an end-to-end crowdsourcing platform for mapping and retail insights across the emerging world. They aim to create the largest dataset of new merchants across the emerging world and unlock the power of the informal economy.

4.) NIMA Codes

NIMA Codes is a simple yet powerful phone number based addressing system for the places without formal street addresses.

5.) Medispark

Medispark aims to build Africa’s largest ecosystem of healthcare applications centred around optimising quality of care for as many people as possible.

6.) GIVO

GIVO is a circular economy company that offers an end to end recycling solution using IoT enabled devices. GIVO (Garbage In, Value Out) leverages technology to collect recyclable material directly from individuals, families and businesses and to process these materials into consumer and industrial goods. GIVO relies on a network of youth and women-owned franchise businesses.

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7.) GatePass

GatePass is a mobile platform that connects estate managers with their residents on community-related issues. GatePass improves the wellbeing of community members by providing the digital infrastructure that generates reliable planning data, facilitates low-cost and high-trust revenue collection, and fosters clear 360-communication channels between residents and their community leaders.

8.) Fly Colony

Fly Colony aims to scale to a franchise model of fly farming to those living in cities. Fly Colony specializes in the production of a protein-packed, inexpensive and high-quality alternative to the otherwise expensive and unsustainable fish meal in the market through black soldier fly farming replicable in urban households.

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