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Despite significant investment and resolutions around power generation and distribution, over 60% of users in Lagos are estimated to still be unmetered and this affects the last-mile distribution to customers.

The inability to resolve this not only prevents the supply of constant and stable electricity but causes significant revenue leakage and adversely affects the trust the people have in the system.

Eko Innovation Centre (with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as Title Sponsors) is promoting efforts to provide affordable meter to the populace by facilitating a meter design hackathon to improve energy distribution, monitoring, and preventing revenue leakage.

Who to Apply

Entrepreneurs, Partners & Sponsor, Community Members, Hackers & Developers, and Software Enthusiast are invited to apply for the Lagos Smart Meter Hackathon 2020

Winning Prize

The winning prize is N7 million for combined winning hardware and software teams. Additionally, a percentage of the Intellectual Property royalties from the winning solution.

Application closes August 28th, 2020.

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