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Ventures Platform has announced that it has added 3 Nigerian startups to its investments portfolio.

According to a statement from the early-stage investor, their mission to scale innovative startups haven’t change despite the coronavirus pandemic.

 “Our convictions haven’t changed as we believe that this pandemic makes a stronger case for investing in innovative startups that are nimble and able to benefit from a boost in user adoption and lower customer education costs as people find new ways to live, work and communicate.”

The 3 startups backed by Ventures Platform are:

Tambua Health

Tambua Health is using lung sound analysis to transform the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases globally.

Tambua Health have built a hardware device called the T-sense that generates images of the lungs by detecting the vibrations of sound as air moves in and out of the lungs using sensor arrays put on the back of the patient.


Brass is a digital bank for SMB 100% online, no walk-ins, that provides them with a suite of product and tools designed to help them grow their business and significantly reduce the friction of doing business.


FunnelJoy is an all in one tool designed for digital entrepreneurs, marketers, and creators to help them capture, convert and engage leads and sell products online.

FunnelJoy was built to simplify the process and offer an easy to use sales funnel tool to online entrepreneurs (something they can set up without the help of a web developer) that helps them convert visitors to actual leads or purchases.

It’s a simple drag and drop tool to create landing pages and sales/membership funnels.

The alternatives are expensive, non-intuitive, complex and require developers, designers, and “so-called ” experts to help build

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