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Plentywaka Launches Staff Bus Service For Corporate Organisations


Plentywaka has launched a new service for corporate organizations referred to as Plentywaka Staff Bus Solutions.

The new service is an exclusive bus service powered by technology to provide staff bus solutions to corporate organizations.

The goal is to provide premium dedicated buses to organizations to ease the stress of transportation of staff to and from work.

In light of the current pandemic caused by COVID-19, there have been growing concerns for all sizes of organizations seeking safer ways to commute for their staff daily.

This solution was developed for this purpose to help organizations achieve employee satisfaction, safer commute to and from work, foster team bonding amongst staff, save the cost of managing an in-house fleet of transportation amongst others. Happy, well-rested employees equates to higher retention and job satisfaction.

Since its launch into the public transportation space, Plentywaka has held on to the core objectives of delivering better quality, safer, more convenient transport services that genuinely benefit riders at all times. This is evident in its growth over the last 8 months.

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