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Wakanow vs Konga Travel: A Classic Case of Doing Anything to Oust the Competition

Konga Travel

Earlier this week, Wakanow was caught deploying Konga Travel ads on Google. This did not go down well with the customers of Konga as they condemned Wakanow’s deception. Some of them even urged Konga to sue Wakanow for deploying such deceptive ads.

‘‘I have been a customer of Konga Travel since inception,’’ said Mr. Zubby Azubuike.

“I have also followed the current Rolls Royce promo that Konga Travel is running. Usually, I walk into a Konga Travel store when I want to book my flight. But this time, I decided to book online as I wanted to win as well. When I typed Konga Travel, the first link I saw took me to Wakanow.

“That is a fraud. I know Wakanow has been struggling in recent times but I am surprised that they can descend so low unethically and that such a well-known company can go to such lengths in infringing on the goodwill of another company.’’

Wakanow’s reputation may have been soiled by this act of deception. However, on the flip side, it shows that the travel company which recently appointed a new CEO is willing to do anything to oust the competition.

Competition helps businesses to think outside the box. Hence competition should be welcomed. For businesses that have strong competition, they are always thinking what can we do outpace and outrun our competition?

Just like Nancy Pearcy says: “Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity.”

Since the abrupt closure or shut down of Jumia Travel, Wakanow would have felt that they now have one less of a competition. But, Konga Travel appears to be deploying all in their arsenal to ensure that they fill the void or lacuna left by Jumia Travel. They are currently running a campaign where travelers stand a chance to win a gift or chauffeur drop-off in a Rolls Royce.

Perhaps, in a distressed attempt to douse the growing influence of Konga Travel in the Nigerian travel and hospitality industry, Wakanow decided to deploy Konga ads to divert some of their traffic to Wakanow.

Although this may be unethical, the undeniable truth or fact is that no company would sit around and watch the competition overwhelm it. As such, it has to take some drastic and decisive actions to outwit the competition. This is exactly what Wakanow did and it is now their fault. It is all business.

This is partly what makes business exciting.  As such, this won’t be the first and last time we would hear about this type of competition clash between brands. There would be more.

For now, Wakanow and Konga Travel would continue to go at each other as they look to dominate Nigeria’s travel business.

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