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ETHLagos is a first of its kind blockchain hackathon in Africa focused on decentralized energy solutions and sustainable development.

The ETHLagos hackathon happening from March 29 – April 4, 2020, in Lagos, Nigeria, will present an opportunity for developers, engineers, entrepreneurs and companies to work alongside global thought leaders on solutions that will transform the blockchain and energy sectors.

Collaborating organizations for the ETHLagos hackathon include EthImpact, GIZAfrica Blockchain Alliance and IEEE.

Benefits of Applying

1.) Win up to N3 Million+ in prices and counting: The winning teams will get cash prices of up to N3 million and a number of other prices from collaborating organizations and sponsors.

2.) Post Hackathon Incubation: After the hackathon, winning teams will get the opportunity to participate in an incubation program to further develop and deploy their solutions in real-life projects.

3.) Learn: You will get the opportunity to learn about blockchain, energy and opportunities in these industries from experts.

4.) Network: Network with peers and industry leaders in the blockchain and energy space.



Who can Apply
The hackathon is open to pretty much everyone – developers, business analysts, designers, marketing/sales, engineers, entrepreneurs etc.

How to Apply
You can apply to participate in the hackathon from the ETHLagos Hackathon website. Click on ‘Become a Hacker’ button to get started!

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