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Meet RIDIT, a Mobile App That Wants to Help Students Pass JAMB’s UTME

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RIDIT is a mobile app founded by serial entrepreneur Chukwuemeka Onunkwo. One of the main objectives of RIDIT is to help Nigerian students pass the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) organised Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). 

This is because over the years UTME has become a hurdle for students to gain admission in a tertiary institution in Nigeria. This is the problem RIDIT is addressing.

Techawk had an interview with Chukwuemeka Onunkwo, the founder of RIDIT. He shed more light on RIDIT, how it is being funded and the challenges of running RIDIT.

Can you share your startup concept with us? 

RIDIT is a mobile app that helps you pass JAMB with Ease. It converts JAMB Topics into a 10minutes audiobook and ebook. Focusing majorly on the key points. It also has over 20,000 JAMB past questions from 1990 to 2019 and a 1 million Naira Annual Scholarship.

What prompted you to establish a RIDIT platform? 

The aim is to simplify the distribution of educational content customized for Pre tertiary school students. We want to ensure that a student in Bayelsa can access the same quality of education as a student in Lagos.

Talk to us about the moment you decided to become an entrepreneur? What did you have to do to be where you are today.  

My entrepreneurial journey is now over 10 years, I launched a Teen Magazine in 2009 that failed in 2010, then I started a laundry firm in 2011 and eventually then Nigerian Voice Bank/ in 2012. 

How will you describe the reception so far? Capital and funds are key to starting a business. How did you go about funding RIDIT? 

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The reception has been impressive. RIDIT received a 5000USD seed capital from Tony Elumelu Foundation in 2015, afterwards, it has been funded by personal funds.

How will you describe the state of the Nigerian education system? What role can edtech play in growing the sector? 

The Nigerian Educational system is riddled with many problems, in fact, every section of our educational system is in crisis. If we are focused on learning, then edtech is the future. Edtech can facilitate the distribution of effective educational content.

Also, the traditional classroom system is not effective for all, hence the need for a mix of other approaches like the use of multimedia.

Many startups fail in their first five years. What measures are enshrining to ensure that RIDIT is here in the next five, 10 and 20 years?

 RIDIT will consistently invest in smart marketing and sales solution, leveraging on collaborations and partnership to boost sale. We will also continuously provide innovative edtech solutions with user-friendly platforms.


What is your money-making model like? Who do you think are your competitors? 

The model is subscription-based. Our competitors include other Edtech startups like PASS.NG and also tutorial centres and schools.

What are the challenges of running your startup? What are your future plans?

The cost of doing business in Nigeria is high. We intend to expand our reach to West and East Africa

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs? 

Dream but don’t just dream. Understand that failure is part of Victory and always be intentional.

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