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Make-IT in Africa

Make-IT in Africa, a tech entrepreneurship initiative implemented by GIZ is inviting innovation hubs and other intermediaries to pitch innovative, market-oriented and sector-specific programs offerings support to African startups.

The proposed programme for the Make-IT in Africa Challenge has to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Selected innovation hubs will receive funding of up to €100,000 to implement the project.

The Make-IT in Africa Challenge is for hubs in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda and Kenya.

Objectives for the program

GIZ aims at supporting local innovation driven by digital startups, enabled either by one organization leveraging local networks or by the collaboration of at least two ecosystem actors.

Innovation hubs should apply with projects that lead to local innovation, approaches that innovate existing systems, leapfrog solutions, and take incubation and acceleration work to new levels.

What Make-IT in Africa is offering innovation hubs

1.) Funding to finance projects up the following amounts:

a.) Rwanda: one grant, up to 100,000 Euro

b.) Ghana: one grant, up to 50,000 Euro

c.) Kenya: one grant, up to 100,000 Euro for a project with an agri-tech focus

d.) Nigeria: one grant, up to 50,000 Euro

2.) Use of the VC4A platform and communication channels for the entrepreneur recruitment campaign, free of charge for selected ESO’s

3.) Capacity building for selected teams through webinars and virtual masterclasses

4.) International visibility through joining the partner network of Make-IT in Africa and access to international networks of corporates, investors, international organisations active in the African startup ecosystem

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Eligibility criteria

1.) The lead applicant based in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or Rwanda

2.) Officially registered NGO or foundation; for-profit company need to partner with a not-for-profit organisation

3.) At least two years of business activities and audited accounts

4.) At least one finalized acceleration programme implemented

5.) At least 20 supported start-ups to date

6.) Minimum of 3 team members, including founder team, program manager and accounting

7.) Have access to space to host training and co-working

Selection criteria

The program should:

1.) Have a sector/topic focus

2.) Have a specific target group e.g. female entrepreneurs, start-ups from rural areas etc.

3.) Aim at supporting start-ups running operations preparing them for growth (yet, before closing a Series-A round of funding)

4.) Aim at start-ups with a business model aimed and/or clearly contributing to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals

Selection process

1.) Webinar to clarify questions: January 27th, 2020, 10:30 CET. The link will be shared via email to all interested applicants, register by sending an email to make-it [at] with the subject line ‘Webinar registration’

2.) Application deadline on VC4A to hand in a brief concept note: February 7th, 2020

3.) Shortlisted ESOs will be informed in the week of February 17th, 2020

4.) Shortlisted ESOs hand in their full proposal by March 7th, 2020

5.,) Selection of winners by mid-March 2020

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