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Twitter Adds Emoji Reaction to Direct Messages


Twitter has added emoji reaction to Direct Messages. What this means is that Twitter user now have the ability to react to direct messages with a simple emoji.

With this new Twitter feature, users who prefer not to type out a reply can react to other people’s DMs with an appropriate emoji. This can be done by double-tapping on a message or clicking on the new heart & plus sign icon.

This feature is very popular on Instagram and Facebook. Hence, it is quite surprising emoji reactions to Direct Messages is just coming to the platform.

The users of the microblogging app can add emoji reactions to Direct Messages containing either text or media attachments and an emoji reaction can be undone at any time.

Whenever you have an emoji reaction, you will get a notification, just like when you sent an actual reply.

People using an older version of the micro-blogging app that doesn’t support message reactions will see reactions displayed as text-based messages.

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