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With Oje Kewa Eng, Sco pa tu manaa And Bomboclaat Buzzwords, Nigerian Internet Users Catch Fun

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Oje Kewa Eng

Oje Kewa Eng, Sco pa tu manaa and Bomboclat have become popular buzzwords among Nigerian internet users, especially on Twitter who use them mainly to catch fun.

Although, Oje Kewa Eng, Sco pa tu manaa and Bomboclat trended at different times, yet their objectives remained the same-for Twitter users to have fun, engage and interact with one another.

How these three buzzwords work on Twitter

You do not need to be a Twitter influencer to tweet about Oje Kewa Eng, Sco pa tu manaa and Bomboclat. A random Twitter user can simply share a tweet with a picture alongside the caption of any of these catchphrases and other users will respond.

Depending on how creative, the responses are, it may garner thousands, hundreds and even no retweet.

Meaning of these Buzzwords

Oje Kewa Eng?

Oje Kewa Eng kicked off 2019. It replaced and knocked out the #10YearChallenge.  It is a phrase in the Sesotho language which is the national language of Lesotho and simply means What is bothering you? It was first tweeted by Keabetswe.


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Sco pa tu manaa

Sco Pa Tu Manaa is the name of a song sang by Ghanaian Artiste; Patapaa. He was credited with introducing the catchphrase even though it was spelt Skopatumana. It has no meaning even in the Ghanaian language according to checks.

A reported meaning of Sco pa tu manaa is “What experience does this remind you of?” and, “I’ll hit you”, which originated from the Hawaiian Language.


Bomboclat came like a thief in the night and relegated Oje Kewa Eng and Sco pa tu manaa. Bomboclat is a Jamaican slang equivalent to “douchebag” or “m*therf****.  It is usually used to express shock, anger, excitement, or befuddlement. It was first tweeted by Jamaican Twitter user @rudebwoy_lamz in September 2019.


Twitter is a fun place to be. While these catchphrases are now struggling to gain traction in 2020, they were the MVP in 2018 and 2019.

Very soon, another buzzword word would be introduced by a random Twitter user. Till then maybe Oje Sco bom clat will do.

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