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Five New Year’s Resolutions For Small Businesses 


In what has become a New Year ritual, many small businesses are reviewing their performance last year and are already planning their objectives for 2020.

The objectives or resolutions for this New Year may be endless. As such, it is important for you to streamline your small business resolutions.

To this end, we discuss some small business resolutions to held founders achieves set goals this year.

Ramp up your customer service

Customer service is the engine room of any organisation. You never cease plans or actions that will improve or boost your customer service. Look back over 2019 and what are the feedbacks from customers that could help you to improve. Identify and implement them.

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Set achievable goals

You cannot over-emphasized that the customer is king. To make them feel part of your businesses, bring them closer and guarantee their loyalty; you should have a one on one meeting with them. You should listen to their grievances and challenges and ensure that you take pragmatic actions to sort them out.

Review product performance

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If you offer a product, this is probably the best time to do a product review to know the products that are actually performing and those that are not. This is because not all products will perform equally. Product reviews of your operations, products, and services will help you to abdicate what is not working and continue with what works.

Celebrate successes

Many organisations focus on shortcomings or failures of 2019 while ignoring milestones. This is not good for the psyche of employees as they will feel like they are always been criticised despite achieving so much. You can end this trend by celebrating milestones and successes achieved by the organisation.

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