African entrepreneurs who have innovative solutions to promote the emergence of sustainable cities have bee encouraged to apply for the “Challenge 1,000”.

The challenge is part of the edition of the Africa-France Summit holding in Bordeaux, France next year.

The selected 1000 African founders will have the opportunity to present their work and ideas at The City of Solutions, an event dedicated to projects and solutions for sustainable cities and territories to be held from 4 to 6 June 2020.

Criteria for the selection process:

1.) You have to be an African entrepreneur, working in one of the 7 districts of The City of Solutions*;
2.) Gender parity, female candidates are encouraged to apply;
3.) Geographical balance of the origin of entrepreneurs;
4.) Balance of the themes of the 7 districts*
5.)  Presentation of a viable product or solution, innovative or duplicable at a lower cost, to make French and African cities more sustainable from an environmental and social point of view;
6.)  You have to be registered on the Digital Africa platform

*The City of Solutions, 7 themed districts to create the city of the future together

1.) Access to essential services
2.) Feeding the cities
3.) Building and enhancing the city
4.) Moving around the city
5.) Living in the city
6.) Financing and structuring projects
7.) Connecting the city


1,) October 18 – January 31, 2020

2.) Every month: a selection of the best applications, apply as soon as possible!

3.) End of March 2020: Nomination of the 1.000 winners.

4.) June 4, 5 and 6, 2020: the Africa-France Summit in Bordeaux, France.

Winners will be invited (one person per organization): the costs of the plane tickets and 3-days accommodation in Bordeaux will be partially or fully born depending on the financial capabilities of the winner. Winners will have a space in the entrepreneurs’ stands at the City of Solutions.

Click here to apply as the application closes on January 31st, 2020.

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