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Heetch, a ride-sharing app focused on Francophone Africa, has raised $4 million from AfricInvest to complete its $42 million Series B.

The ride-sharing app aims to build friendly and fair mobility solutions for their drivers and passengers. In 2018, the startup launched its operations in Casablanca, Morocco, in partnership with the country’s major taxi unions.

Heetch has already become the market leader, establishing itself as the only legal ride-sharing app in the country and is now active in all the major cities (Rabat, Marrakech, etc.).

Following its last fundraising round, a couple of months ago, Heetch successfully launched in 2 more countries: Algeria and Cameroon.

Heetch plans to launch in six new African countries next year (Tunisia, Senegal, etc.). Depending on the local regulation, Heetch will work with private, taxi or moto-taxi drivers.

Teddy Pellerin, the co-founder of Heetch, said: The Maghreb and French-speaking Central and West Africa represent major opportunities for Heetch.

“In fast-growing cities with limited public transport infrastructure, our service can greatly improve mobility for city dwellers. Since we share a common language, it’s a bit easier for us to understand and adapt our offer to local specificities.

“Besides, we always prefer to partner with a local entrepreneur to create a business that is partly French and partly local.

Yassine Oussaifi, Partner at AfricInvest, said: Heetch has developed an ambitious Africa strategy in order to offer innovative, inclusive, safe and reliable mobility solutions for millions of urban Africans, developed by one of the brightest management teams in the industry.

“We appreciate the pragmatic approach of the team that will build and adapt the service to the local context, in close partnership with entities on the ground.”

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