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Africa eShop App

DHL Adds 13 More Countries to its Africa eShop App

Africa eShop App

DHL has added 13 more countries to its Africa eShop app, increasing the presence of the global shipping company’s e-commerce platform to 34 African countries.

The new markets are Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Ethiopia, Guinea, Lesotho, Namibia, Niger, Sudan, Togo, and Zimbabwe.

DHL  went live with the digital retail app in April, bringing more than 200 U.S. and U.K. brands and sellers to African consumers.

The Africa eShop app leverages’s white label fulfilment service, Link Commerce. Similar to MallforAfrica’s model, the arrangement allows Africa eShop users to purchase goods directly from the websites of any of the app’s global partners.

This week’s expansion is the second for DHL’s Africa eShop, after adding 9 markets in May.

MallforAfrica CEO Chris Folayan said:  “For some of these countries no one has really tapped into e-commerce the way we’re tapping into it, with an ability to buy online and also buy online directly from places like Macy’s or Amazon.”

Payment methods include local fintech options, such as Nigeria’s Paga and Kenya’s M-Pesa. DHL Africa eShop leverages the shipping giant’s existing delivery structure on the continent, through its DHL Express courier service.

DHL Africa eShop is also offering incentives to entice first-time digital consumers.

“We will be launching with a promo, buy any 5 items from over 100 retail partners and get a $20 flat shipping fee. This is DHL’s way of showing they are dominant in shipping and eCommerce in Africa.”

On the prospect of going head to head with Africa’s best-funded e-commerce company, Chris Folayan is somewhat cautious.

“We’re not focused on competing with Jumia, but in a way, it’s starting to happen as a result of our expansion and growth,” he said.

DHL and partner MallforAfrica plan to bring Africa eShop to all 54 African countries in the coming years.

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