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OPay Launches OBus, its Bus Hailing Service in Lagos

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Opay has launched OBus, its bus hailing service in Lagos. The launch of OBus comes a few days after the opera-backed Opay unveiled OTrike, its tricycle hailing service in Abia and Kano.

In between, ORide, Opay’s on-demand motorcycle service is growing rapidly. It is now a regular sight in the city of Lagos and its drivers navigate and negotiate the notorious traffic to get riders to their various destinations quick and safe.

For the price of OBus, which is in Beta, it can cost as high as N2000 and as low as N200. You can either make payment via OBus card (the cards can be bought from Opay agents at different designated bus tops) or your Opay wallet as long as it is funded.

The bus hailing service currently has one route which is Ikeja-CMS (CMS-Ikeja). It is expected that as the service continues to gather momentum, more routes will be added.

Opay appears to be on a mission to completely disrupt the Nigerian transportation system. With the launch of OBus, it is walking into uncharted roads because it has to compete with the much cheaper Lagos commercial buses popularly called ‘Danfo’.

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Regardless, if Opay deploys the same strategy (affordability, fast, comfort and safety) as it is doing with ORide, OBus will definitely shatter the glass ceiling when it comes the business of commercial buses in Lagos and beyond.


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