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Domino’s Pizza Trials Cashless Store

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The days of using cash to pay for services are numbered as more and more companies are gradually introducing innovative and creative ways to do away with cash.

Domino’s Pizza has taken the bold step of going cashless by trialling stores that do not accept cash in Australia. Dubbed “Tap & Take, five Domino’s stores will be participating in the trials.

The stores will still accept both credit and debit cards from customers, however, they will be unable to pay cash.

Nick Knight, CEO of Domino’s Australia and New Zealand, said: “Our Tap & Take stores will enable our customers to get piping hot meals faster than ever; reducing in-store queues and delivery wait times.

“In addition to increasing convenience for our customers, this new model will increase safety, with zero cash kept on the premises or carried by our delivery experts.”

“We’re now heading towards a very real future where the legal tender could be solely electronic, so it’s important that we remain digitally agile and continue to meet consumer demands,” Knight said in the statement.

On what happens after the trial, a company spokesperson said that if successful, they will certainly look to roll out the service across their network.

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