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Google’s Educator Grant

Two Nigerian EdTech Startups Awarded Google’s Educator Grant

Two Nigerian EdTech startups have been named among the organizations that will receive Google’s Educator Grant. The startups are Young Elites Educational and Training Services and Online Hub Educational Services.

Both startups will use Google’s Educator Grants Grant to offer computer science training to both primary and secondary school teachers. In Nigeria today, many students and teachers do not have even have access to a computer. Hence it is not surprising that as of 2016, Personal Computer penetration was put at 11%.  This grant may not have arrived at a better time.

Google in a blogpost announcing the awardees said: “In order to equip today’s students for future jobs and opportunities, we’re giving €413,000 to 24 universities and nonprofits this year. With this funding, these institutions will deliver localized computer science professional development programs to 22,000 primary and secondary school teachers.”

The tech giant added: “Since 2009, our Computer Science Education grants have enabled nonprofits to provide professional development opportunities for teachers across the region. To date, we saw grant awardees provide professional learning opportunities for 34,500 teachers at all levels, which in turn reached more than 800,000 students.”

Meet Nigerian Startups:

Young Elites Educational and Training Services

Young Elites Educational & Training Services is Nigeria’s unique social enterprise, renowned for educational and youth development initiatives towards sustainable development with an operational base in Ogun State and other major cities across Nigeria.

Young Elites Educational & Training Services (aka –Young Elites Nigeria) is growing to emerge as one of the lead youth empowering platform that is building young people and strengthening youth organizations involved in sustainable development programs not just in Nigeria but across Africa.

Online Hub Educational Services

Online Hub NG registered with CAC as Online Hub Educational Services is Nigeria’s foremost Digital Content Platform that empowers techies & provides courses & workshops to educate & encourage professionals in the tech-based industry. Online Hub  NG’s mission is to help organizations & clients thrive online because businesses in Nigeria should have an online hub.

Here’s a full list of the 2019 awardees


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