A Kenyan Teacher Peter Tabichi, has been named the world’s best teacher and awarded $1 million. Tabichi paid tribute to Africa’s youth after winning the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize.

Tabichi, 36, is a maths and physics teacher at Keriko Secondary School in Kenya’s Pwani Village. His school has only one computer powered by a weak Internet connection.

He gives away 80 per cent of his earnings to the poor. Tabichi left teaching at a private school to help students in need.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, handed over the trophy to the teacher after he was announced as the winner by Hollywood star Hugh Jackman.

“Every day in Africa, we turn a new page and a new chapter. Today is another day. This prize does not recognise me but recognises this great continent’s young people. I am only here because of what my students have achieved. This prize gives them a chance. It tells the world that they can do anything,” Peter Tabichi said in his victory speech.

“As a teacher working on the front line I have seen the promise of its young people – their curiosity, talent, their intelligence, their belief. Africa’s young people will no longer be held back by low expectations. Africa will produce scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs whose names will be one day famous in every corner of the world. And girls will be a huge part of this story.

“I believe science and technology can play a leading role in unlocking Africa’s potential. We all know that scientific discovery and innovation fuel progress, facilitate development and can tackle issues such as food insecurity, water shortages and climate change. It’s morning in Africa.

“The skies are clear. The day is young and there is a blank page waiting to be written. This is Africa’s time.”

He shared some of his own personal challenges that he faced while growing up and said that showed him the importance of an education.

The President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, gave a special video message right after Tabichi was announced as the winner.

“On behalf of all Kenyans, I congratulate you for winning for the Global Teacher Prize for this year. You are a shining example of what the human spirit can achieve, not just for Kenya, not just for Africa, but for the world.

“Peter, you chose to teach in a remote part of Kenya. You chose to transform life in such situations – a choice that I’m sure was difficult. You give me faith that Africa’s best days are ahead of us and your story will light the way for all future generations,” Kenyatta said.

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