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Meeting Customers’ Everyday Needs Through An Ecosystem of Digital Services

Before the internet disrupted how and where customers make their purchases through eCommerce, most of their needs were usually met via various physical points of sale scattered across different locations. When eCommerce brought the ease and convenience of shopping, many abandoned the old and stressful way of shopping.

Although, at the early days of eCommerce in Nigeria, most platforms focused on chasing one rabbit at a time, that is, creating a niche platform. So, in 2011/2012, the challenge of providing an easy and convenient way to shop was solved, with the debut of eCommerce companies like Jumia.

But, another urgent customers’ need emerged while online shopping was still trying to establish its footing. Customers wanted more than just a shopping platform where they could buy gadgets, groceries, fashion items, electronics, and other home essentials. They wanted an online platform that could provide them access to other day to day services, such as booking a flight or a hotel, ordering food, drinks, flowers, recharging airtime, paying bills i.e. DSTV, and many more.

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Typical of a forward-thinking company, Jumia responded swiftly to this new request by launching several other digital platforms that could help customers with these needs. These digital services include booking hotels/flights, ordering food, production services, drinks/beverage delivery and a whole lot of other services.

A few years later, precisely in 2017, Jumia introduced an all-in-one lifestyle app called Jumia One. With Jumia One, customers do not need to have several apps for all their daily needs. They only need to download Jumia One and they can conduct all their transactions on it.

There are a number of benefits customers enjoy when they meet all their needs using a single App, Jumia One as an example: (1) only one login ID will be required to access all the digital services, (2) less data required to make multiple purchases, (3) pay zero service fee on utility bills like DSTV, GoTV, Startimes, Kwesé TV, Smile, Swift, Spectranet, and electricity bills, (4) you get an instant refund whenever a failed or incomplete transaction occurs.

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