Tayo Oviosu and Jay Alabraba, both from Paga will join 6 other entrepreneurs from across Africa that have been picked for the Endeavor Entrepreneur Network.

The entrepreneurs are:

Ned Tozun (d.light) and Joshua Sandler (Lori) – Kenya,

Jay Alabraba and Tayo Oviosu (Paga) – Nigeria,

Trent Rossini and Mike Renzon (inQuba) – South Africa,

Nadhem Boudoukhane (Carthage) and Karim Beguir (InstaDeep) – Tunisia

These entrepreneurs have had a noteworthy track record of impact, creating 1.5 million jobs, generating $15 billion in revenue in 2018, and helped build sustainable growth models in their home countries.

The entrepreneurs now have access to comprehensive customised services, like – introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms to address their key needs.

In October, Endeavor announced first two entrepreneurs from Endeavor Nigeria into its network, as well as three North African entrepreneurs. BitPesa founder, Elizabeth Rossiello, an American and Cars45 co-founder and CEO, Etop Ikpe — were among 26 entrepreneurs from 18 companies in 13 countries selected to join its network, at its 2017 event in Athens.

Endeavor now supports 1,793 entrepreneurs, leading 1,124 companies in 33 markets around the world.

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