Google, one of the world’s leading technology company developing AI software is launching a global competition to help spur the development of applications and research that have positive impacts on the field and society at large.

The competition, called the AI Impact Challenge, was announced at an event called AI for Social Good held at the company’s Sunnyvale, California office, and it’s being overseen and managed by the company’s charitable arm.

Google is positioning it as a way to integrate nonprofits, universities, and other organisations not within the corporate and profit-driven world of Silicon Valley into the future-looking development of AI research and applications.

The company says it will award up to $25 million to a number of grantees to “help transform the best ideas into action.”

Application criteria

Impact. How will the proposed project address a societal challenge, and to what extent? Is the application grounded in research and data about the problem and the solution? Is there a clear plan to deploy the AI model for real-world impact, and what are the expected outcomes?

Feasibility. Does the team have a well-­developed, realistic plan to execute on the proposal? Does the team have a plan to access a meaningful dataset and technical expertise to apply AI to the problem? Have they identified the right partners and domain experts needed for implementation?

Use of AI. Does the proposal apply AI technology to tackle the issue it seeks to address?

Scalability. If successful, how can this project scale beyond the initial proposal? Can it scale directly, serve as a model for other efforts, or advance the field?

Responsibility. Does the proposed use of artificial intelligence align with Google’s AI Principles? See Google’s Responsible AI Practices for practical guidance.

How to apply

If you have an idea and your organization is eligible (see FAQs), you’re ready to apply. Download our application and apply through the link below. Organizations will have until 11: 59:59 pm PST January 22, 2019, to submit their applications. After the deadline, Google and our panel of experts will review proposals and announce grant recipients in spring 2019.

Apply here.

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