SystemOne, the leader in global disease intelligence for rapid detection and response to infectious diseases and response, announced a $5 million Series A investment led by The Rise Fund, a global impact investment fund managed by TPG Growth. Also participating in the round was EchoVC, B&Y Venture Capital Partners and strategic angel investors. EchoVC’s Eghosa Omoigui has joined SystemOne’s board of directors.

SystemOne’s platforms, GxAlert® and Aspect®, connect over 2000 diagnostic devices in 40+ countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, and Myanmar. Since its inception, SystemOne’s Aspect® and GxAlert®platforms have automatically transmitted over 5 million diagnostic results, device performance data, and aggregate disease information to clinicians, health care ministries, and patients around the world. Instant notifications and up-to-date dashboards provide over 50,000 alerts/month about test results, disease trends, device functionality, error rates and more.

“Information technology will fuel the next leap forward in stopping the most entrenched and crippling infectious diseases across the globe,” said Chris Macek, CEO of SystemOne. “Rapid and accurate movement of data will make global investments more effective, ensuring that health providers know where and when infectious diseases are happening, can get patients onto treatment and monitor outcomes.”

Before SystemOne, diagnostic results could take up to several months to reach health officials and patients. SystemOne’s technology connects any diagnostic device for any disease, moving results in real-time and providing health officials with a single line of sight into the disease burden in their geographies. In diseases such as HIV and TB, where global funders spend $26 billion annually, such line of sight plays a critical role in optimizing investments and efforts for maximum benefit.

“We’re very excited to partner with SystemOne, to help advance innovative solutions that can bring us towards the global goal of ending tuberculosis and HIV,” said Yemi Lalude, Partner at TPG Growth. “The company’s focus on reducing time to treatment and closing the gaps between diagnosis and treatment – and treatment adherence – can help create significant social impact and drive economic progress in countries where HIV and TB are prevalent.”

The investment was sourced through TPG Growth’s strategic relationship with EchoVC Partners, the leading Africa-focused seed and early-stage venture capital fund that targets early to growth-stage deals in the technology sector. This follows earlier investments in companies such as Frontier Car Group and Gro Intelligence.

The investment in SystemOne will help the company accelerate linking positive diagnoses to treatment and eventually to the outcome, playing a critical role in meeting and measuring international targets for TB and HIV.

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