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New Crowdfunding Sites for Raising Funds For Startups & Businesses

When you’ve put together your business plan, drained your savings, and have been dedicating all of your free time to your business idea for a few months, it’s time to raise capital. With a wide variety of crowdfunding sites on the internet, the bank is not your only option. Whether you are funding the next big startup, a creative business, or a non-profit the days are gone where you have to use Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFund Me. The following list is 10 new crowdfunding sites for startups and businesses.


Thrinacia is the next generation of crowdfunding options that give users a completely customizable solution. It isn’t a platform like other sites; instead, it gives you the opportunity to run your own crowdfunding campaign from your website with a customizable widget. Their team has developers, designers, and support to help you find the best solution for your business. You can also create a white label crowdfunding portals and mobile applications to support your goals.

Crowd Supply

If you are a startup or business that sells tangible products, Crowd Supply may be a great crowdfunding solution for you. The company boasts that 100% of their projects get delivered to backers and that 70% of launched projects get funded, two times more than Kickstarter. Crowd Supply has helped businesses raise an average of $66,000 per funded project. Their personal service sets them apart. You can choose from three launch plans: standard, guided, and custom. Custom plans have the most amenities and include a dedicated public relations team, media asset creation, marketing consultation, and more.


The Los Angeles based Crowdfunder focuses on early-stage startups and businesses that are looking for seed capital. They accept businesses in a variety of industries including technology, social enterprises, and small businesses. Crowdfunder differs from some other platforms because they only allow Title II equity crowdfunding. This means that you can only raise funds from “accredited investors,” which are those who have a net worth of $1,000,000, not including their main residence. An accredited investor is also someone who has made more than 200K per year in the past three years.


WeFunder is another crowdfunding site that focuses solely on startups but does accept businesses at any stage. Unlike Crowdfunder, anyone can invest in your WeFunder campaign, allowing your friends and family, and people who believe in your business to support you. WeFunder has funded businesses in several areas including small neighbourhood businesses, software, biotechnology, entertainment, and more. WeFunder is an equity crowdfunding site so each of your investors will get a portion of your company for investing.


If you want to avoid the fees and charges that come with most crowdfunding sites, consider AngelList; all fees are paid by investors. The company was founded in 2010 and remains one of the leading equity crowdfunding sites. It is also the only crowdfunding site that offers a job board for those trying to find a position with a startup. Not only is this a great way to raise funds for your company, but a great way to find great candidates when you are ready to take on employees.


SeedInvest works with high-growth startups looking to make it big. In addition to angel investing and equity crowdfunding, they also offer venture capital investments to those who have successfully raised money on their platform. They have successfully funded more than 220 companies since they were founded in 2012. SeedInvest is not open to anyone though. You need to create an application that goes through a screening process. If you are selected, the fundraising process takes about 60 days to complete.


Austin, Texas-based MicroVentures is another Regulation Crowdfunding platform that focuses on companies that need between $150,000 and $1,000,000. They are industry focused in the following areas: internet technology, media and entertainment, software, green technology, mobile applications, social media, and gaming. They seek businesses with new ideas or unique spins on old technology and want you to have gained some traction on your own before they will work with you. The application process takes about six weeks, but once you are approved you only have to wait about two weeks for the funds.

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