AppsAfrica has opened application for the 2018 AppsAfrica Innovation Awards set to be held on 12 November in Cape Town. Applications close 7 September, with finalists set to be announced on 8 October.

The annual awards now in their fourth year, are open to startups and corporates which have launched services in at least one market in Africa, aim to celebrate the mobile and tech innovation on the continent.

In addition, gaining global publicity, industry recognition and the opportunity to network with about 300 industry peers, this year’s winners will also be invited to Africa Tech Summit Kigali 2019, which will be held on 13 to 15 February next year.

Entries for this year’s awards will be charged at $125 per category. However, startups that are less than 18 months old will be exempt from the charge, subject to approval, and will get a discounted code on contacting AppsAfrica.

The 2018 AppsAfrica awards are organised around 12 categories:

Health Tech Award: This category celebrates the use of technology to improve health services in Africa. Entries may include a new service, device, software, hardware, app, SMS, or social media.

Best Africa App Award: Applications that have been successfully launched on any platform to target African consumers or businesses will be honoured. Entries are welcome across all sectors.

Enterprise Solution Award: This award celebrates enterprise services across Africa. Entries for the award are open to innovative ventures and mobile services streamlining, improving and helping business across Africa.

News and Entertainment Award: The best news and entertainment innovations will be honoured in this category. Examples include music, literary, gaming, children’s entertainment, lifestyle and video apps.

Fintech Award: This award will honour the best fintech innovation. These can include digital currency, bitcoin, mobile money, wallets, P2P, money remittances and transfers, point of sale or funding platforms.

Agritech AwardThis accolade recognises the best tech innovations driving agriculture across the continent. This includes but is not limited to hardware, software, drones, big data, IoT services, mobile services or any technology supporting farmers, improving yields or supply chains in Africa.

Social Impact Award: This category honours the most inspiring use of technology that has had a positive social impact for an African community while contributing to economic and social development.

Disruptive Innovation Award: The awards seek to recognise disruptive innovations and new businesses models that are changing Africa. Entries for this award are open across all sectors.

IoT Award: The most innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications, devices, products or services will be honoured in this category.

mCommerce Award: This award is dedicated to celebrating the new wave of mobile commerce initiatives across Africa. Entrants might include online platforms, retail brands, portals, apps, classifieds, comparison sites, and much more driving mCommerce across Africa

Changing Africa Award: Leading companies driving game-changing initiatives across Africa for the masses will be honoured in this award. Entrants might include mobile network operators, leading tech platforms, hardware providers, banks, connectivity providers, original equipment manufacturers or any tech company driving progress across African countries in any sector.

Mobility Award: This category seeks to recognise the leading ventures using technology such as hardware, software, robotics, drones or innovative mobile services that improve mobility, logistics or supply chains in an African market.

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