Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, you may someday decide that you have enough of the phone and want to sell it to purchase a new one. There are actually quite a few steps you should take before you simply hand over your old phone to its new owner.

Remove SIM/microSD cards

On some devices, contacts and call logs can be stored on your SIM or microSD cards, so it’s really important that you remove these before selling. Chances are, you won’t be willing to give up either of these when selling the device, so keeping them to yourself is a great way to ensure security.

Factory data reset

If you do not want anyone accessing some information or data on your phone, you can completely erase your data by performing factory data reset. The process only takes less than a minute.

Remove all accessories

When selling your device, it’s always important to remove the accessories and extras that originally came with it, unless you’ve clearly told the buyer you would include them. You make use of them if they are compatible with the new phone you are buying.

Backup your data

Since you are not handing over your phone with all your data, you have to back them up so that you can recover and download on your new device. You can backup your pictures, videos, and documents on Google drive or iCloud.

Clean it

This is a small step, but it is still important. Cleaning your device is a nice gesture; it makes the buyer feel like he’s getting his money’s worth. Wiping of the screen, removing any dust or build-up, and cleaning inside the ports is a great way to ensure your customer will be happy.

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